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Are all web hosters rubbish?

I recently decided to cancel the web hosting package I've been using for the last few years. I'd had some trouble with my hoster and online reviews suggested that I'd made a particularly bad choice. But the real frustration came when I tried to find a replacement. It appeared as though they were all rubbish.

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Mobiles, statistics, and perverts. Oh my!

Infosec was busy, bustling show this year. Vendors seemed to be finding visitors were more positive, especially when showing interest in buying products. I went expecting to hear lots about cloud and mobile but was surpised to see these were low-key terms. Not that there wasn't plenty of offer.

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Internet World

The World really IS getting smaller

It might be my imagination but this year's show really felt smaller than last year's. Certainly for something as big as the Internet there didn't seem to be many of the big players turning up. Maybe they found somewhere more important to be. But I was determined to chase up my concerns about how web hosters seemed to be getting a raw deal in the reputation stakes.

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